It's not about running barefoot,

it's about barefoot running concept.

ไม่ใช่การถอดรองเท้าวิ่ง แต่วิ่งให้เหมือนถอดรองเท้า

The story began with a man who hated running or endurance of all sorts.  He took golf as his primary sport and a little bit of running as his fitness regimen.  Before he began to realize, golf had bored him and faded.  He began to run solely with a new life achievement of becoming a distance runner and a triathlete.


A new dream almost came to an end with a severe IT Band, a classic runner’s injury.   The run was not far, the session was not long before ending up with the pain.  A skeptical feeling in the old running mantra – Heel-Striking – which was contrary to the way he ran unshod compared with shod running, that very man started his new journey to look out for the proper and sustainable running technique to achieve his dream.


Stumbled upon the ‘Barefoot Running’ technique, he found it one of the sensible and instinctive locomotions that all humans are born with.  Proving this method to himself, he got back to running again, with no pain whatsoever after each running session.  The distance was improved from 5k max each session to 10k in a short period of time.   The session could last longer than 2 hours without any pain.


as a community

วิ่งตีนเปล่า® ชุมชนคนวิ่ง(เสมือน)เท้าเปล่า

Successfully experimenting with himself, he started to see the same pain and problem from other runners.  Looking from the side of someone who had been through the injury, he realized that we run the way we run because of the obsolete running techniques and the present design of running shoes.  Runners become unaware of how to run.  Instead of our feet controlling how we run, the shoes dictate the way we run.  "Run Foot Bare" community fan page was founded shortly after to educate and spread the words of wisdom to the Thai runners about the proper running techniques.  The purpose of the page is not to convince runners to ditch shoes and run barefoot.  Instead, to recall how nature designs us to run, and to point out to the runners the fact that the running injuries can be avoided by the proper running techniques.  Shod or unshod, as long as runner runs the way human are designed to run – a natural running form – one becomes an injury-free, sustainable, and happy runner.


as a distributor

วิ่งตีนเปล่า® ตัวแทนนำเข้าอย่างเป็นทางการในประเทศไทย

With more than 10-year experience in an import/export/distribution business, where the loyal staff and warehouse facility in place,  together with a long-established connection with key persons in supply chains, "RunFootBare” decided to step up from a community page to become an authorized sole importer of  innovative sporting brands from Europe and USA.  We differentiated ourselves from others as being a "knowledge-based" distributor, supplying alternative, high-quality brands of sporting accessories to athletes, professionals and amateurs in Thailand.


Because we know what athletes need, as we are also the athletes ourselves.  We use only what we supply, and we supply only what we use.







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